and the vision that was planted in my brain, still remains

Some times life just knocks you silent. I haven’t posted in a couple of days, and, truthfully I have missed it. Will be back to making presently.
Simon and Garfunkel did themselves proud at Madison square garden. Until I make something, I won’t fake it. The sound of silence. As always, love and kindness.


for the love of cover, err color

I think I may have mentioned my affinity for songs that are covered well. Today was one of those days that a song just took me over. I didn’t really do anything stellar with art. I did a few under-paintings. But, mostly I just took in some of the things I love. I really love this chair, it is sturdy and built for function; much like myself. I may have given it a hug. The frog likes to hop around and ended up by Susan’s self portrait (more on that later.) Did I mention how much I love this space. It gives me a sense of well being, I so want to pass that on with Susan to others. We all should feel so very welcome where we are. May the sixth street sisterhood make good things happen. As always, love and kindness.
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Mustic: Low Mass Tone – Down Under
Art: Works in progress – Looking at beauty


Buddha rhubarb butter – “i had this thing to think so hard as for not the brain to burn”

Day 6
Today found me super busy, no big surprise there. I did get to the space, checked up on experiments. I then decided to enjoy some ambient light and take pictures of some treasures.
I painted what I thought to be a solid #abstract. Experiments started today were zero. Counting on that tomorrow.
Here is a music I have seen many times live, you will see Mike Doughty come through in random posts. I am a fan and have seen a great deal of the bands, performers live and will talk about those adventures. Even the time I hacked into a local concert – more about that later. As always love and kindness.
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Echo and Bounce

Energy – A lot of my friends know how much I have. I was at the space before the sun was fully out, and made good use of it. I wanted to #experiment with #color, and reactions.
Every time I go in there I am feeling so inspired. #beauty everywhere. This is actually day 5 of the move – and I am feeling the groove. I love this song, I love #propellerhead
I was working with resist today, moreover, thinking about how resisting things made me feel. As always, I wish you love and kindness.
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Muic: Propellerhead – Echo and Bounce
Art: The art of moving with a bit of experimentation Also a sculpture by Susan – “Highlander” resistthis window.beautygood morningwhat will happen

“but then i would rather be stuck up in a tree, than be tied to it”

Day 3 of the Space! I didn’t think I would be making anything for a week, but! Well, you know, COLOR. Still work to be done, supplies to be taken in. Not to mention the start of another project! Here are today’s pictures and a song I love by Brett Dennen. Today’s song is for no other reason than I like it. It reflects my mood. I smell of nag champa and lilac. My hat is past its prime, but I still love it. As always, I wish you love and kindness.

Art: Experiment one on day three.


Check out the cool chair in the pictures, those wooden legs are awesome!home basesuppliesArt #1

Music: Brett Dennen – There is so much more.

The Alpha and the Omega

It is its own beginning and its own end. the composition regenerates over and over.
the “S” the curves of beauty as termed by William Hogarth. – (Brian Rutenberg.)

I believe this is how love works, twisting and turning. I don’t believe there is an end to love. I do believe that at times love has to restart and regenerate. And, yes; sometimes there is an end.

I hope you enjoy the music and pondering the art. As always, love and kindness.

Art: Twisted in the hairpin

Music: Josh Ritter – Good man

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One word to the next, one line at a time.

Guy Clark’s Hemingway’s Whiskey really has its way with me. I have always been fascinated as much about Hemingway’s life as I have his writing. I think this song tributes him in such a delicious way. He made his own rules about living life. This brilliant song inspired me to do a minimalist abstract of a whiskey glass.

Music: Guy Clark – Hemingway’s Whiskey

Art: “Some days the art creates you.”

hemingways whiskey

Please enjoy the music while you ponder the art. As always, I wish you love and kindness.