artist-275x300 I am an artist with an attraction to all things uncertain.
I believe I have a true and tender connection to all things I make.
One can find me messing things up, fixing something else, and generally trying to figure out how it all works.

I find it difficult to use all the cliche’ words when working with art in varied mediums. There is so much joy in paint and mediums used. They speak and ask to be pushed to their boundaries in ways that may sometimes be unconventional. The discovery, the disappointment at times are all beauty. Art appeals as it can be done so very well; yet never really mastered.
The pieces I create are enriched with rhythm and energy, truly vibrant full colored canvases and substrates. I create an invented visual world for the eye to feast.
I prefer to let the art speak for itself; its own voice sings.

I often suffer from wanderlust and look to see if I can find greener grass. Is that possible?
Is there more?
Surely there is so much more.

This is how I speak.

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