you may be an angel in white with darkest regrets; but i haven’t run into too many angels *yet* –

I am going to focus intermittently on people I admire. Today I want to honor Paula Watters Jones. I am just stunned, albeit delighted that I am ever on her radar. She always has time for me with kind words, and uplifts me when I am in a dark place. I cherish her dearly. She has taught me that angels do exist; and they will visit me. All I have to do is ask.

She has recently been on a transitioning journey in Taos, New Mexico. I expect in the future I will be at that exact same space looking to let the creativity loose that is sometimes and imp and hides. Oh to be braver, and bolder, not fearing anything.

I am posting a photo of her current work, some sassy little angels or sprites, as well as a link to her book, and website.paula I chose this song, it speaks so deeply to me, not to mention it is just so beautiful, JUST LIKE HER! I believe we do learn from our mistakes (from the lyrics.) I do believe her little sprites; or sassy little angels will like this too.
As always, I wish you love and joy. #art #artist #love #friends #abstract
Art & book: Paula Watters Jones
Music: Grant Lee Phillips – Older Now

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