“I want to puke on your floor” – Cat Zisk (inspires me to post)

What I really want to do is get elbow deep in paint. I want to try to find sense where there is none. I want you to listen to this song I love! Cat Zisk never fails to put a smile on my face with her music. I did a painting that to me looks like maybe I did puke on the floor. The painting has long been sold, but I can’t help but post this today for you. As always I wish you love, and eversomuch joy! Shit I may have just made myself puke in my throat a bit, but hey! Sometimes that is just how the donkey farts. Seriously though, Peace, love and happiness.
#art #music #abstract #catzisk
Music: Cat Zisk – I want to sleep on your floor
Art: tierza – another fine mess i’ve gotten myself into

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