She said hello I am a monster too, and what poisons me poisons you.

“Steady one won’t you come on down. I need you right here on the ground.” I have been working on meta-art. It is made with pieces of things that would normally go into the trash after a painting session.fear of a blank planet Interesting that one of my earliest paintings was actually a political statement to the plastic in the ocean. Something profound changed in my thinking while looking at my bucket of paint water; making me question my not drinkwavesDSCN1267

I like to think myself an environmentalist. Changes are due in my studio practice. It is exciting that I will be sharing this new journey with you. I am working on an environmental impact installation. As ever, I wish you kindness and love.
I hope you enjoy the music while pondering this post.
Art & messes: tierza
Music: The Barr Brothers- Beggar in the morning
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