Echo and Bounce

Energy – A lot of my friends know how much I have. I was at the space before the sun was fully out, and made good use of it. I wanted to #experiment with #color, and reactions.
Every time I go in there I am feeling so inspired. #beauty everywhere. This is actually day 5 of the move – and I am feeling the groove. I love this song, I love #propellerhead
I was working with resist today, moreover, thinking about how resisting things made me feel. As always, I wish you love and kindness.
#techie #art #abstract #studio #color #friends #love #community
Muic: Propellerhead – Echo and Bounce
Art: The art of moving with a bit of experimentation Also a sculpture by Susan – “Highlander” resistthis window.beautygood morningwhat will happen

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