go with the flow, the flow takes me

I am relaxing into the move of the creative space I am holding so close to my artistic heart. This special space is going to be changing and I thought you might like to follow along with the adventures that ensue. No artwork will probably be made for a week or so. Against my personal nature of DOING IT NOW. I am flowing into it with grace and ease. Only my sisters know exactly where I am, so I thought Destination Non-Specific by Colin Hay a wonderful tribute.Today I brought in another car load of supplies, moved some things around, and then came home to think of the thoughts I had, and the way I felt, and ease into some every day normal home life. I hope your day is filled with as much joy as mine, and that all good things find you. As always, love and kindness.
I hope you enjoy the music and pictures.
Music – Colin Hay – Destination Non-Specific
Art- The Space Day 2 – It was like I looked right back at me.
#abstract #art #love #friends #community #givingDSCN1421DSCN1422


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