“it makes sense that it should happen this way-that the sky should break and the earth should shake” – Poe

This post has potential to be the longest one ever. Being taken completely taken over by this piece of music, I feel it necessary to write in such a way to honor the music, and how it is so relative personally. First I am going to talk about a life altering Art Show in Pittsburgh. It was the first exposure experienced with true outsider art. The show toured the United States enthralling many. Most artists were either incarcerated or were rendered sadly unfortunate with mental issues. The artists were all from areas, and had no idea of what any other artist may be creating.

The most exciting thing for me was noting the recurring objects or themes from one wonderful piece to the next; some disturbing, some not. Examples that were outstanding were birds, cages, trains and doors. My thoughts were of freedom and flying away, and escape.

I’ve given thought to my own feelings of wishing for those same things; if for nothing else than pure fantasy.

I am going to post the Poe (one of my all time favorites) lyrics for you to ponder while listening to the music.
I hope you enjoy the art and this post. As always I wish you love and happiness.

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Music: Poe – Fly Away
Art: tierza Title: “Sweet bird of prey” – mixed media on paper. (available)

Poe: Lyrics to Fly Away
It makes sense that it should happen this way
That the sky should break and the earth should shake
As if to say, sure it all matters but in such an unimportant way
As if to say, hey, hey

Fly away, sweet bird of prey
Fly, fly away, nothing can stand in your way
Sweet bird, if you knew the words
I know that you’d say, fly, fly away

In makes sense that it should hurt in this way
That my heart should break and my hands should shake
As if to say, sure it don’t matter except in the most important way
As if to say, hey, hey

Fly away, sweet bird of prey
Fly, fly away, I won’t stand in your way
Sweet bird, if you knew the words
I know that you’d say, fly, fly away

In makes sense that it should feel just this way
That you slowly fade and yet still remain
As if to say, everything matters in such an invisible way
As if to say, it’s okay, fly away

“put it in your heart where tomorrow shines”

I’ve been in darkness for quite sometime. I however am a fighter, I overcome the dark clouds. This work in progress was a disaster! I brought it out and want to paint with only the happy colors. I love this REM song. I am feeling both shiny and happy today. I will post more in progress. As always I wish you love and happiness. #art #artist #music #abstract

happy - Copy

Art: tierza @MistyValleyStudio
Music: REM- Shiny Happy People

you may be an angel in white with darkest regrets; but i haven’t run into too many angels *yet* –

I am going to focus intermittently on people I admire. Today I want to honor Paula Watters Jones. I am just stunned, albeit delighted that I am ever on her radar. She always has time for me with kind words, and uplifts me when I am in a dark place. I cherish her dearly. She has taught me that angels do exist; and they will visit me. All I have to do is ask.

She has recently been on a transitioning journey in Taos, New Mexico. I expect in the future I will be at that exact same space looking to let the creativity loose that is sometimes and imp and hides. Oh to be braver, and bolder, not fearing anything.

I am posting a photo of her current work, some sassy little angels or sprites, as well as a link to her book, and website.paula I chose this song, it speaks so deeply to me, not to mention it is just so beautiful, JUST LIKE HER! I believe we do learn from our mistakes (from the lyrics.) I do believe her little sprites; or sassy little angels will like this too.
As always, I wish you love and joy. #art #artist #love #friends #abstract
Art & book: Paula Watters Jones
Music: Grant Lee Phillips – Older Now



That whirlwind isn’t going away, or rather, the effects of it are not

I was devoid of color for quite some time. I have had a lot on my plate. I begged for a bigger plate, I received it! Yesterday I had an affair with color; I also had an affair with music. I haven’t been listening, or rather, HEARING it. I have this thing, this thing called Synesthesia, and I have to admit I love it. I live in music. It is one of the biggest things that can affect the art I make. Yesterday this song by the Buzz Poets (a Pittsburgh band,) had its way with me. I hope you ponder the art, and think of the Hurricane’s in your life. It is best to listen to the music while pondering the art. As always I wish you joy and love. #art #artist #abstract #music

“Synesthesia is a condition in which one sense (for example, hearing) is simultaneously perceived as if by one or more additional senses such as sight. Another form of synesthesia joins objects such as letters, shapes, numbers or people’s names with a sensory perception such as smell, color or flavor.”

Art: tierza – Title: That whirlwind isn’t going away, or rather, the effects of it are not
Music: The Buzz Poets – Hurricane


“come now, come now, can you not see”

I don’t think I will ever forgive the United States for the treatment of Katrina VICTIMS. Crimes against humanity is just not right. We are in such danger of becoming lemmings; if we are already not. The media is using the dumbing down of the masses caused by the cluster-f*ck of social media to help people ignore real issues facing us. Barely talking about the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is now acceptable? Will anyone be held accountable?
I had this painting I started in the latter part of 2015 that I let become too precious. I hated it; and it hated me back. I didn’t exactly know why I did what I did with this color until it dawned on me I was painting the OIL SLICK! I chose the color at random and just let my fury go, it is the color of oil, black and tarry on some fairly gentle colors. I also didn’t know my tell it like it is nature is GOOD (surely I must be indigo) but for the most part I do keep it in check, my heart knows it wants to be free.
I hope you listen to this powerful music by Dave Matthews with the incredibly talented Timmy Reynolds while you ponder the art. I do indeed wish you joy, and love. I also wish you think about what we are doing to our water, land, and, moreover, other humans. #humanist #art #artist #abstract #indigo



“I want to puke on your floor” – Cat Zisk (inspires me to post)

What I really want to do is get elbow deep in paint. I want to try to find sense where there is none. I want you to listen to this song I love! Cat Zisk never fails to put a smile on my face with her music. I did a painting that to me looks like maybe I did puke on the floor. The painting has long been sold, but I can’t help but post this today for you. As always I wish you love, and eversomuch joy! Shit I may have just made myself puke in my throat a bit, but hey! Sometimes that is just how the donkey farts. Seriously though, Peace, love and happiness.
#art #music #abstract #catzisk
Music: Cat Zisk – I want to sleep on your floor
Art: tierza – another fine mess i’ve gotten myself into

“Fusion confusion-these atoms are an illusion-scatter your matter far away from me” Cat Zisk

I love live and local talent, Cat Zisk creates music that makes me think. Side-note I am delighted to know this musical ninja. I create invented visual worlds in hopes of making others think. I often wonder if I am successful with this. Here I am with another not quite ready for prime time viewing painting, but I think I know where I am going with this. And, hopefully I will get a better photograph of this world upon completion. Today I am wondering where the Lions are. I hope you enjoy this delightful little song, and ponder this world I created on canvas. It is 24x24x2 on canvas. It has oh-so many layers; each one filled with a lot of emotion. Are you out there? Do you read me? No matter the answers –
I still wish you love and kindness.
#art #music #artist #abstract #color
Music-Cat Zisk – Planet
Art: tierza: Untitled

“you say you want your stories to remain untold”

What can I say?

Please enjoy the music while pondering the art. As always, I wish you love and kindness.

It made me think of stories of holidays past, stories of families, friends. How they unfold, and  ultimately play out.
#art #artist #abstract #color

Stories unfold. 18x24

Stories unfold. 18×24

Art: Stories Unfold
Music: U2: All I want is you.

“One in three must find some peace” –

This song, this entire CD has had a huge impact on the way I think about some things. I love lyrics that are philosophic, and induce deeper thoughts. I do need proof before belief. It is just how I am. The triptych this song produced via my hands is both simplistic.and deep. I hope you listen to the song in the video as well as ponder the art. As always, I wish you love and joy.
#art #artist #abstract #music

Art: tierza – Triptych titled “One in three must find some peace.”
Music: James 0 One of the three” from the LAID CD (Buy this, it is good!)

“destination unknown, ruby ruby ruby soho”

I am not sure if I am working the art, or the art is working me. I wanted to show off Susan Martz Loughry’s Ruby Reuse. I thought Ruby Soho might be some fitting music. There are some random studio shots of the abundance of art supplies for future exploration. There is also my angry piece of art I am working on, I think it is telling me to get a grip. I hope you will listen to the music as you enjoy the photographs. As always I wish you love and kindness. #art #artist #reuse #musicruby reusesupplies

Art: Ruby Reuse – Susan Martz Loughry
Music: Rancid – Ruby Soho